Mine as much gold and come out with the most amounts you can

Games now a days are more complex and hi-tech. They feature stuff that we just see in military exercises and other things that are quite special that we seldom see, so few are those games that are simple and easy to play with. Does not too much understanding but instead allows the player get it on with the game. These types of games are hard to find right now because it does not corrupt our mind but simply gave us time to enjoy and have fun.

The Gold Miner is a game that is very simple and easy to play with. It features a very easy graphic design and a game play that is really fun. Overall, the Gold Miner is a game that will suit any age and players would definitely enjoy the game for its simplicity and class.

How to play the game?

Basically, players of the Golf Miner game will notice an interface that resembles a mine with a heavy equipment particularly a crane parked above a land mass that contains gold and a few precious minerals. The player’s job is to gather as much gold and minerals as possible with the use of the cranes hook. The catch is that the hook of the crane is continuously swinging and the player has to make a good effort in timing where to throw the hook of the crane in order to get the gold and the minerals scattered below the land mass.

Another thing that players need to know about the Gold Miner game is that aside from the gold and minerals that are spread under the land mass where the crane is parked, there is also a single dynamite that is added into the mix. The player needs to achieve a score goal in each level of the game and in a limited time only. Once the time is over and the score of the player does not reach the required score to advance, the game will be over.

On the other hand, once the player is able to advance to the next level, he then needs to deal with a faster swinging of the crane’s hook which become harder to time and align to where the mines are. The change in the speed of the crane’s swinging hook is the most challenging part of the game because players need to have a perfect alignment towards the mine when they click on the mouse to release the hook of the crane to grab the gold and the precious minerals.

Overall, the Gold Miner game is one of the best games that can be played by anyone. Although it lacks the sophistication and advance features that other game has, still the games simplicity is great and stands out which make the game very attractive and unique from other games. Furthermore, the Gold Miner game will definitely challenge a players attention and focus and the ability to anticipate the things that goes on within the game which determines his or her success as the game progresses.

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